christina brooks is a graphic designer living and working in the new york metro area. a graduate of the university of notre dame, she realized her love of graphic design during a semester abroad in Italy junior year. too late to switch majors and go through school all over again, she earned her degree in political science, and headed straight back to the east coast and new york city to pursue classes in graphic design through both SVA and NYU's continuing education offerings. breaking into the world of web design in the late 90s along with everyone else, she weathered the burst of the bubble and continued her pursuit of a career in both digital and print design.

with her extensive experience designing user interface/interactive solutions, corporate identities and various types of print collateral, christina has launched her own freelance design studio, ready to bring her creative design solutions to projects big and small. her philosophy is simple: create effective designs with a fresh and innovative approach from concept to execution.
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